Shoe trees

Pril is wondering what the deal is with shoe trees. I’ve been curious about that myself, since seeing one on my Walla Walla trip. I know of two (that I’ve seen personally): the one I just mentioned, on highway 97 south of Grass Valley, I believe, and north of Shaniko, and another one on highway 26, between Prineville and John Day (which may even be this one, but I can’t say for sure).

Very strange.

Some Googling turns up a number of shoe tree sites. Here’s one. Here’s another.

4 Replies to “Shoe trees”

  1. Well, I can pretty much guarantee that there are NO houses (drug or not) nearby the tree on highway 97… it’s a pretty empty stretch.

  2. yah the one on the way to Ontario on the 20, dude there ain’t a house for miles in any direction. Maybe the Keebler elves living UNDER the tree are cooking up something interesting, but i doubt it. There’s nothing for miles around the one near Susanville in CA, either.

  3. i think the one near Juntura is the one i saw on the 20. I wasn’t much but an hour or two out of Vale… i dunno, i think i was still a little on the un-sober side when i split.

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