My Burger King mask post is on fire!

The Burger King mask post I made back in April is insanely out of control; right now, it has 59 75 comments on it, mostly from people who want one of those masks (and one or several guys who claim to be making it, or have it for sale)! It’s such great entertainment to watch the comments roll in.

I’m getting so many hits on this because of great search engine placement for “burger king mask.” On Google, I’m number 5 and on Yahoo, number 3(!). Man, I wish I could plan posts like that one…

24 Replies to “My Burger King mask post is on fire!”

  1. HAHAHA…that’s awesome! I hadn’t read that post since you posted it, but the comments are a riot!

    So when are you going to start selling the masks? 😉

  2. YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKS (especially that John guy)!!!!!!!!! He’s posting on other forums too….FREAK!

  3. The searches are showing up high in the website referer logs… and then I simply tried searching Google and Yahoo on that phrase and voila.

  4. yo, there are tons of king masks on ebay selling for like 40 to 60 dollars, this is good because they look nice however i found a site to get them for $24.99. CHECK OUT http://WWW.BKMASK.COM, make sure you spell it right. greatest halloween costume ever…long live the king!

  5. does anyone have a mask that they want to sell, I’ll spend up to 25 to 30 bucks. Let me know, so i can rock it on Halloween.

  6. ok i ordered 5 of them when they first came out, so i have 3 for sale!!!! if youd like to buy one them thats totally awesome. just contact me at 209-712-6812 im selling all three for 10 dollars each because i just dont want them, plus i already have 2 others haha. call soon im sure theyll go fast.

  7. Hey guys my friend got a bunch of those and gave me 10 of them… if u want one i will sell it to you for $20 plus shipping. my number is (209)603-9636..I am able to ship next day air if requested…ttyl

  8. hey blair do you still have any of those masks left…i tried calling the number but the individual said they didnt have any masks…is this true?

  9. I dont have any masks…my retarded ex-boyfriend posted this. It is not true! Im really sorry for those of you who are looking for them. Good luck!!

  10. does anyone have a mask in good condition they want to sell to me? around $30 total. i really want one of these. email me asap

  11. Allright, im a 9th grader, and i make funny movies to use as projects in school, and I NEED one of these masks! ASAP! Please e-mail me if you have one you don’t need (even if damaged)

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