Baby factory

Mom delivers 16th child, thinking of more: I’m sorry, but this is just messed up. That’s pretty much all I can say about it. Except for a few quotes which demonstrate how truly creepy this is.

Michelle Duggar had her first child at age 21, four years after the couple married.

Which of course means they got married… at age 17…

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s children include two sets of twins. Each child’s name begins with the letter “J”… [includes list of names, including some zingers]

I’m just speechless.

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  1. What an amazingly SELFISH couple.

    Aside from that, all the kids’ names start with the letter J. There’s something slightly off in that. This woman, without a doubt, does not function properly in the head. I don’t know what it is, I’m not a doctor, I only play one on the web, but she certainly has some imbalance in her brain that has her leaning quite a distance from "normal."

    Back to selfishness – this world is way to over-populated. There is poverty here in America, children going to bed hungry. One nation south families live in such poverty that rats in America have nicer homes and better food to eat. You don’t have to go that far away from cities like Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo to see it firsthand. In Africa children die every single minute of the day because they don’t have what we Americas take for granted – simple medicines to prevent easily curable illnesses, clean water, and food. Children never have a chance to have a childhood. How much money will it cost that Arkansas woman and her husband to raise all those 16 children until Age 18? On average a parent spends $250,000 on a child not including college. All that money spent on 16 children could save a couple thousand lives of children who will otherwise die. So pathetic. So selfish. Any couple who willingly decides they’re not going to have even one child so that that can help other children instead, that couple is the perfect example of how more people should be living their lives in the 21st Century. More people = more problems for people and the land of Earth. Giving birth to one child means hundreds will die. Giving birth to 16 children? Just sad.

  2. I think some of you are so selfish that you don’t want to share any of your money, time, & love with children so you cannot imagine how someone else can love children so much.

    This "world is overpopulated" garbage is just that! GARBAGE!!!! It is a lie from the globalists who want to keep the world’s population under 250 million. Do you realize that right now there are over 6 billion people on the earth and that they could all fit inside the United States and each have 1 acre to themselves? There’s no population problem! Just a bunch of people who are too selfish to share their space, time, money, etc. with anyone else.

    The Duggar’s say "CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD!" They’re right. I say if the Lord continues to bless them with them, He knows they can take care of them well. They have great patience and more love than anyone else I’ve ever heard of!

    Many blessings to them!!

  3. There is no way 16 children can get the attention they need from their parents. How can you be at several different ball games or school plays on the same day.

    And yes, there are too many people in the world.

  4. I response to the comments made by Miss S. While there may be the physical space for the over 6 billion people on the earth, the resources are still lacking. That being said I don’t get why people are so up in arms about the Duggars. Let’s get upset about the many unplanned pregnancies of irresponsible welfare receipients breeding like rabbits and not contributing at all to society producing many more just like them. I have no doubt the Duggars are raising children who will end up being productive in society and that is a lot more than I can say for the others.

  5. Miss S, please come to India, and tell me that the world is not overpopulated, its not an issue of land, it is an issue of resources.

  6. I do agree a bit with Margarette, while I think that there is not enough food, energy, and other things for all 6.2 billion of US, I am glad that 16 children were born to GOOD parents, not some crackhead in compton. I do suspect that all of these children will grow up to be model citizens.

    And Miss S, please attend a few college 101 classes.

  7. Hey, these people are nuts! I don’t know what you guys have read about them but I live inthe city with them. They home school these kids and the older kids are all assigned a younger child to help through out the day. They are building a huge house with a little help from the discovery channel. It will have two large dorms one for the girls and one for the boys.
    The laundy room is probably bigger than most people homes in India! on one side the girls clothes hang by size and onthe other side is the boys clothes hung by size. These kids have no individuality at all. Mom make the girls wear these stupid long bloomers like you would see on "Little House on the Prairie" I feel really sorry for these kids. The two oldest girls were in the room with Mom and Dad while the 16th was born, because they expressed intrest in being nurses and or midwives! They might be happy in their little world but soon they will be out here in the real world with the rest of us and how will they hold up? And what happens to them when Mom bites the dust dilvering the 17th or 18th? Guess the older girls will have to stay home to raise them!

  8. miss S is right in my case. damn right i don’t want to spend my money or time on kids. hell yeah, i’m selfish. I get all the kid-time i want from my friends kids. as well as kids ignored by their parents and 7 or 8 other siblings.

    16 kids.. my gawd. Can anyone say "prolapsed uterus"?

    blessing from the lord.. what crap. you know what’s a blessing from the lord? A kid who gets adopted.

  9. I’m the eldest of 7 (#8 is due in July) ranging from 20 to 6; we’re all biological, there are no mulitple births. My siblings are my best friends and it will NEVER change! God has given us to my parents and I am thankful for that. I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Every child (natural or adopted) is a BLESSING FROM THE LORD!!!! I, myself, plan on having a lot of kids when I get married.
    I am totally in favor of large and small families. There’s nothing wrong with small families–I know a lot of them and don’t look down on anyone with only a couple/few. Please don’t be so hateful toward us big families.
    There is no sin in having as many kids as they want. If they can provide for them, what’s the harm? There is none. God obviously gave them 16 and I wouldn’t recommend arguing with God!
    Thank you to those who stood up for large families! We really appreciate it.

  10. they should be happy that they are blessed with this kids, it’s a record let evey one know about this and there are people who wants kids.. so they have an option to donate them to live life in a better way.

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