Master Builder user interface – poor

A couple of months ago I blogged a bit about Intuit Master Builder software and some of the problems that come with it. One of the things I wrote was, “It’s got a low barrier-to-entry user interface that makes it easy to learn and use for non techie types.”

While that statement is (for the most part) true, it’s also true that the UI for Master Builder is completely ridiculous—especially for a Windows application in this day and age. Just how ridiculous it truly is struck me last week when we were at a user group meeting for Master Builder (they don’t happen often), and the consultant/expert was showing off some of the newest features.

So, here are two examples of the poor UI that plagues this program. Both are from the “Equipment” screen, and are completely typical of every screen in the system. Click them for full-size images.

Thumbnail image of the Equipment screen in Intuit Master Builder

Thumbnail image of the Equipment screen in Intuit Master Builder

Pretty horrible. But my particular favorites are the totally non-standard menu bar at the top (“Exit” is the first item?) and the garish, circa-Windows 3.1 toolbar buttons, also in a totally non-standard layout and position.

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  1. Ewww. Reminds me of some programs of the past. On the other hand, sometimes the best things in life, or for a task, are free. I stumbled upon while trying to find a decent low-cost Intranet solution at work. It’s FREE. And while some may not be fond of the interface, it’s quite robust and customizable. Wasn’t look for a free option, but I’ll settle!;-)

  2. I’m working with a friend that’s using Master Builder. Do you know of an interface file that allows the upload of time entry or journal entries? I would assume there is some kind of flat file upload format….I just don’t find anything on the Intuit site.

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