Christmas with the bloggers?

So earlier in the month Shannon floated the idea of a Bend Blogger Christmas party. Not too many people responded, but since then we at least decided on a date if we’re going to do it: Saturday, December 10th.

Would there be any interest to this among our local bloggers? I’d emailed a few to test the water, and got some encouraging response (Jake, Wendy…), but I figured it’s time to make the general call.

C’mon, Bend Bloggers, let’s get some response! Who wants to join us for a Christmas party—gift exchange and all? The sooner we know, the better!

And hey, even if you think it’s a lame idea, at least give me some pushback on it! :)

20 Replies to “Christmas with the bloggers?”

  1. one of these days, i will make it up there long enough to hang with all you kewl peeple. Keep havin these! 12/10 here is our blues society benefit, so have some extra chow and brews for me

  2. I suck at bowling too, but I’m totally for that. Sun Mountain Fun Center or Lava Lanes?

    pril- just let us know anytime you’re in town!

  3. Nope, we didn’t, which is why I’m putting the call out now, so we can find out how many want to do it and nail down a location.

  4. If we do bowl, my vote would be Lava Lanes, but that’s just because I can there in 15 minutes, and it takes twice that to get to the other one.

  5. We could always have it here (if Jon wants)…and Mrs. H. I thought you didn’t have to work Saturday night, which is why we’re having it on a Sat night. 😛

  6. UGH! Bowling???? Pool???? What would we do with the kids???? I’m out if that’s what happens (Jon’s mom said she would like to come, so there’s our babysitter)

  7. Diane isn’t into bowling, but would be the babysitter for us….

    Guess we need to see where plans lay….

  8. It’s a wonderful idea! But that’s the EXACT evening my in-laws are flying in from Tampa for a visit.

    Ralph and I can’t wait to meet you all, so we’ll be at the next one. have a great time! 🙂

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