About those people waiting in line for a PS3…

Something I don’t really get about those people (mostly young?) waiting—no, camping—in line for days outside of stores like Best Buy for the PlayStation 3… Do they not have jobs, that they can take the time to spend a week camping out at a store? And if they don’t have jobs, how can they afford to buy something as expensive as the PS3 (at $600)?

Of course, I don’t get why people would camp out for movie premieres, either. YMMV.


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  1. Just out of curiousity, what *would* you camp out for? Do you have anything you are so passionate or interested in that you would dedicate your time like these people are? In this day and age, $600 isn’t much – and what is one day of vacation time off from work – or better yet, calling in sick!

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s nice to see people excited about something as innocent as game playing, technology, and something roughly revolving around a "hobby".

    Granted, I’m also a bit disgusted at how manipulated these launches are, how Sony and other manufacturers stage planned "shortages" to increase hype and generally take advantage of consumers.

    I also think there is a fair and sad point about our youth spending more time in front of video games/computers and less time having fun outside in nature, riding bikes, and goofing off.

    It’s a funny world, but I’m more amazed at things like US politics and international conflict that things like this 🙂

    Go out and buy one and play with it for a few months – just to see what the hype is all about – aren’t you curious? And if you don’t like it, just sell it on ebay – sure, you might lose a little money, but if people are camping out waiting for it – it must peak your curiousity enough to check it out!

  2. I personally can’t think of anything I’d wait in line like that for. And on the contrary, $600 is a LOT of money, much more than one vacation or sick day from work.

    And I guess if you take that sick day, you’d better be sure not to be on the evening news when they run the story. 😉

  3. once upon a time we camped out for tickets to see our favorite bands. I would still do that if i had to. but for a game console? Not bloody likely.

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