I was interviewed about Lost…

Based on what I’ve been writing (ranting) about "Lost" recently, I was contacted via email by a woman doing a feature story about the subject who wanted to interview me (also via email).

The twist? It’s a Brazilian television Lost fan site entirely in Portuguese.

Globalization, ya gotta love it. It’s cool seeing my name and site in print, even if I don’t know what the article is saying. It’s here: "LOST" JÁ ERA? TEMPORADA DESANIMA FÃS E PERDE AUDIÊNCIA NOS EUA.

Guess it’s time to fire up the Google translator…


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  1. From the translation, I got the jist that you said that if anyone feels ‘lost’ they are welcome to move in with you. You’ll even pay for the airfare.

    Very generous.

  2. I should talk to my wife’s cousins. They’ve spent many years in Brazil and speak Portuguese fluently. I’ll see if they can translate this a bit better than Google.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah, move in with me… that’s the ticket…

    I ran it through the Google translator and got the gist of things. Pretty straightforward, though it’s kind of interesting to see how the translated version of my comments coincide/diverge from the actual ones I wrote. 🙂

  4. This is hysterical! I love that they included the link to your blog. You’ll have to let us know how many hits you get from the article.

    Funny, funny stuff.

  5. I was pointed to your site by the mentioned article.

    It’s not a brazilian television site, is a fan site, made by fans of Lost.

    They are telling that you’ve mentioned that writers of Lost are making mistakes introducing new people when they should be trying to develop the existing one.

    The general subject is about the audience of the show, that is decreasing.


  6. Eduardo- thanks! That was pretty much the gist of my interview answers, too. And sorry about the misunderstanding about the site– I’ll correct that.

  7. Hey I like your site, I’m a brazilian lost fan too 🙂

    Wehere do you live Jon? I went in Texas last year.

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