Words written in 2006

I’m adding up the numbers from my three blogs, and it turns out that between them I wrote approximately 101,192 words among 511 blog entries for 2006. Wow… the previous year the numbers were 78,181 and 466. Another way to look at it: that’s roughly the equivalent of a novel a year.


5 Replies to “Words written in 2006”

  1. I know I have a script setup somewhere to calculate that for my blog someplace — now I just have to find it. And that probably won’t happen, so I’ll just give up now 😉

  2. Sorry to be so late in the game but I LOVE that skittle commercial & skittles are a FAV in my house 🙂 – yes it’s oddly creepy but really kinda funnily out there!

  3. Well, even though the number of blogs posts went down, the site’s been around long enough that it’s gradually growing. That’s a perk with long-lived sites. 😉

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