Hey Z21…

Could you try not to ruin whatever TV show is currently broadcasting by cutting in with no warning to report on tepid election results? I mean really, that’s just inept; every other station is able to scroll the election results in a marquee on the bottom of the screen, or even shrinks the main program picture to show off the fancy graphics of same. In fact, you used to do that! What gives?

So barring the technical ability to scroll a text overlay, maybe you could do the special reporting thing during a commercial, or at least some time when I’m not missing key points to the plot of "Law & Order." Both shows.

Yeah. Just a little irritating. Especially considering that the "news" of the election results was so lackluster (I already said "tepid") that it could have waited until the 11 o’clock news anyway.

I’m just sayin’.


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  1. Just goes to show you that no matter how much water(t.v. programming)is in the hose, if the guy at the end of it is an idiot you might as well just turn off the faucet.

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