Top hated internet words

Not surprisingly, I had to comment on this.

Topping the list of words most likely to make web users "wince, shudder or want to bang your head on the keyboard" was folksonomy, a term for a web classification system.

"Blogosphere", the collective name for blogs or online journals, was second; "blog" itself was third; "netiquette", or Internet etiquette, came fourth and "blook", a book based on a blog, was fifth.

"Cookie", a file sent to a user’s computer after they visit a website, came in ninth, while "wiki", a collaborative website edited by its readers, was tenth.

I can only really get behind two on this list: "blogosphere" and "folksonomy". I’d never heard of "blook" until now, and I’ll continue to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I hate "blogosphere", and I hate more that I’ve actually used it in conversation and writing. "Blog" I’m good with. I love "blog". "Blog" is succinct, and people pretty much know what it means. "Blogosphere", on the other hand, is just… is just… yeah. How about just "online community" instead?

I thought "folksonomy" was dumb the first time I saw it, and I continue to pretend it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, its use seems to have dropped off significantly.

"Wiki" I like, too. Great word. Even better than "blog", as far as I’m concerned. I don’t get the the hate here.

"Netiquette" and "cookie"? Seriously? Man, those ships have sailed. Like, back in 1995.


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  1. I never liked "blogosphere". I use "blogiverse", but it hasn’t taken off. Probably just as well that it hasn’t – it’d just end up on someone’s list of hated terms…

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