There’s a full moon on my birthday

Interesting to note that today is the full moon… my birthday. I don’t remember having a full moon fall on my birthday before, though I’m sure it must have at some point. It’s also the northernmost full moon of the year. Besides that, we (Earth) are passing as close as we’re going to get to Mars right now until some time in 2010. So Mars is high in the sky, very near the full moon tonight.

Not that I think there’s anything astrologically significant about it… I just like neat coincidences like that. Plus I wanted to mark the occasion, being my birthday and all.

Carry on.


4 Replies to “There’s a full moon on my birthday”

  1. WOO HOO! Jon, you are the kind of guy that I want to introduce to everyone.

    Happy Birthday to you!

    May you have a GREAT experience this year that makes you recall this year fondly and talk about it too much…..

  2. Maybe that’s the reason why I suddenly got sick?! Sorry I didn’t feel good….I’ll make it up to you. One of these days (Friday?), you can do nothing and sit and do video games all day and I’ll do cooking, etc.

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