In the media

On Thursday I was interviewed by Peter Sachs from our local paper the Bulletin for an article on the local blogging community, and today the article showed up—on the front page, no less! Here’s the link to the online version.

I didn’t get my picture in it this time (unlike the last time, a few years ago, that we bloggers were profiled), but—allow me to gloat a little—I did get the first quote. Which was a total surprise to me; I actually figured I was more incidental this time around, since there were a bunch of other people that were talked to before me.

On a similar note, I was invited by Anna Johnson, Public Communications Coordinator for Deschutes County, to serve on a media panel on blogging and the media late in April. I accepted, and as that approaches, I’ll probably have more to say on it.

Fun! Maybe there is something to this blogging thing after all…


3 Replies to “In the media”

  1. And a good quote it was and it fit in perfectly with the story. Wish they would’ve got yer ugly mug up there, too 😉

  2. I don’t know, once is probably enough. This way I’m at least (somewhat) more anonymous.

    Great shirt, by the way.

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