Pictures to accompany my Coast notes

Finally, some pictures to accompany my Oregon Coast travelogue post from the beginning of this month. Nothing earth-shaking here, just what you’d expect.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Their big sign on Highway 101. You can’t miss it.

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Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory entrance

Tillamook Cheese Factory packaging production line

The packaging production line at Tillamook Cheese. It doesn’t run on weekends.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Big blocks of cheese (40 pounds or so?) being extruded into plastic bags. The blocks then proceed along a conveyor belt to end up in the automated storage warehouse.

The cliff tunnel entrance in Oceanside

The end of the beach at Oceanside, where the tunnel entrance looms out of the rock like some old prohibited bunker.

Oceanside tunnel entrance

The entrance up close. "Caution. Falling rock."

Oceanside tunnel exit

After oh, I don’t know, 25 yards or so, you pop out on the rocky "secret" beach. Here’s the tunnel exit, considerably less developed than the entrance.

Oceanside "secret" beach

The "secret" beach. The rocks in the distance (one and half of them, anyway) are "Three Arch Rock."

Newport's Fishtails Cafe

Here’s a small version of a really amateur "stitch" job I did of the Fishtails Café in Newport. (Ignore the cars.) Click on it for a larger version. The building really is dually-segmented like that, with the main entrance in the red-brown door on the left half.

Sea lion

A sea lion hanging out on the dock below the Port Dock One pier and Restaurant.

Rogue Brewery entrance

This probably needs no explanation, huh?

Rogue gift shop

Rogue’s gift shop (the tasting room is upstairs, which we didn’t visit this trip).

Rogue Brewery gift shop

More of the gift shop.

Rogue distillery

The distiller in Rogue’s House of Spirits just across the marina from the Brewery. This is actually behind chain link and barbed wire (to the customers) but I poked the camera lens through the links.


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  1. Thanks for sharing pics of my old haunts! We lived one mile up the Wilson River Loop (from hiway 101). And can you believe it, it took me 3 years before I even went into the Cheese Factory! Oceanside is my fave – did you stop by Brewin’ in the Wind for some coffee?? Our friends own it and make some mighty fine baked goods.

  2. No, we just had dinner and checked out the beach in Oceanside; we were staying in Tillamook and had no real idea of what Oceanside offered.

    Small world though! 🙂

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