What I did for the rest of my August

I had actually hoped to start writing a lot more here since my last post, but August slipped away and September is here with all its changes. But before I get to those, here’s how the rest of August went.

The week following the 8th, we had to travel to Florida for unavoidable family business. It was fairly last-minute, and traveling cross-country is no picnic. We were essentially gone from Monday through Sunday.

The week after that was a continuation of the job search and interview process. I actually did a fair amount of running around and, of course, it was the "recovery week" from the previous week’s trip to Florida.

The final full week of the month was spent essentially getting ready for school and the Labor Day weekend—my brother and sister-in-law were coming up from San Diego and they were staying with us at least part of the time (that we knew of—it actually was the whole time) so there was a fair amount of shopping and cleaning to do in preparation.

Labor Day weekend rocked, and I can safely say I exercised my liver quite a bit without any ill effects. (It’s all in how you pace yourself.)

There you are, the capsule version. My next post will encompass what’s happened since the beginning of this month.