Weird things that I’ve seen lately

Snickers Charged: with caffeine, taurine, and "other B vitamins"—essentially the same stuff they put into energy drinks like Red Bull.

Really? Was Snickers not… I don’t know… "loaded" enough? Next thing you know, they’ll be putting guarana and ginseng and who knows what else into them.

No, I haven’t tried one. There’s a review here, if you’re interested.

FAIL Blog: This is not so much "weird" as "spastically funny."

The horse: I forgot about this til just now. A woman was riding a white horse across the lawn of the Barnes & Noble at 27th and Highway 20 (here in Bend). This was a week or two ago. Right across the lawn and up to the crosswalk at the intersection… waiting to cross, I guess.

Yeah, one of those things I have a cameraphone for, but I was driving, so I didn’t get the picture.


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