Books thus far

Since the year is now three-quarters over, I thought I’d post about some of the best books I’ve read so far for 2008. Yes, I’m keeping track (again).


  • The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. So, so messed up. Really curious to see how the movie turns out.
  • World War Z, by Max Brooks. Really well-done zombie mockumentary.
  • Coalescent, by Stephen Baxter. I actually found this book to be in some ways frustrating, but overall I think it was a well-done departure for Baxter. Though he does revert to some of his own cliches too.
  • Hornet Flight, by Ken Follett. Very pleasantly surprised by this World War II-era thriller.
  • Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. Holy crap this is a most excellent book.
  • Spook Country, by William Gibson. I really liked his earlier Pattern Recognition, and the same applies here.


  • Ambitious Brew, by Maureen Ogle. A history of American brewing, from the mid-1800s onward. Very engaging.
  • Cabin Fever, by William Sullivan. Simply a fun book to read.

I’ve read several beer/brewing books this year, but they were more technical and I don’t really rate for that.