What actor(s) would you like to see on 24?

My wife found this article today on the possible end of the TV series "24" after the next season (season 8). Nothing really earth-shaking here, but it sort of ties in with a thought I’ve had for a while and hadn’t gotten around to blogging, until now.

The thought is, what actor(s) would you want to see play the lead role on "24"? Either as a replacement for Kiefer Sutherland, or perhaps if there were a spinoff or whatever. What actor or actors could fill a Jack Bauer-esque role?

I have a few ideas, mostly dredged from the rosters of other TV shows because bringing in a movie star would, I think, mostly overwhelm the rest of the show. (Of course, that’s what they did with Kiefer, and look how that’s turned out…)

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from nominating a female actor for the show, either. After much thought my own picks would be Michelle Forbes (who ironically had a guest starring role on "24" during the second season) and Angela Bassett (based on what I’ve tangentially seen of her on "ER").

But then again, "24" is a big show, so bringing in a big (movie) star might be the way to go after all. I’m not sure I could pick one, though… I keep thinking Keanu Reeves (basically the role he played in "Speed") would be a good pick…


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  1. Hmm…Dennis Quaid would be interesting. Or maybe they change the format somewhat and feature a foreign cast–Naveen Andrews would rock or maybe Clive Owen!

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