I’ve been in the newspaper 3 times now. I think.

I was in our local Bend Bulletin today, in an article about seasonal beers. Nice article, mostly accurate, but I was very surprised by the amount of "screen time" I got, so to speak. I only spoke with the reporter for something like 10 minutes on the phone last week.

This makes the third time that I’ve "officially" been in the paper, as an interviewee; the first was for a story on blogging back in 2004, the second was just last year (also on blogging).

But unofficially, I may have been mentioned without my prior knowledge, so it could (sort of) be more than three times: for instance, my blog was quoted (giving attribution to me) back in 2005 but I didn’t know about it until after the fact.

Thank goodness I come across lucid in today’s article, though. Sometimes I’m in those interviews and I just feel like I’m rambling nonsense.