Wrapping up November

Our Thanksgiving was pretty great, thanks to a big (for us) group of family and friends and despite the cold and snow the weather decided to dump on us. ("Snowmageddon" is my term for such events because everyone always gets up in such a tizzy over them.) We have Thanksgiving dinner at our house, and this year the cooking proceeded really smoothly as well—when you’re dealing with a 21 pound turkey you never quite know for sure.

Of course, having lots of beer and maintaining a rolling buzz throughout the day helps tremendously as well.

I have a birthday approaching, whereupon I will turn 38, and for the longest time I’ve had it in my head that I’m already 38; it’s more of an effort to remember that no, I’m only yet 37. I’m not sure if that means I should be worried, or that I’m just caring less and less about my actual age.

I know I’ve been saying for a while now that I’ll be moving chuggnutt.com over to WordPress soon… I’m thinking "soon" might be this week or so. I know this is really of no interest to you unless you’re a blogging software enthusiast, but I think what I’m going to end up doing is forgoing the old categories/tags entirely and simply focus on bringing over the content and comments. I can always go back and re-categorize and re-tag later, if I’m ambitious.

There will likely also be a number of broken links; I believe early entries to this blog had a URL that ended in ".html" and the later ones are ".php"; I will probably preserve the ".php" as I did for my other two blogs, but with WordPress that will break the old ".html" URLs. I should be able to handle those with redirects, but the site might look like a circa-1999 "under construction" website in some places for a bit.


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  1. Hi… you had posted a blueberry cream cheese pie recipe a while ago that I used to make years ago… I printed it and made it for Thanksgiving and was so excited to have my old recipe back…. I think one of my relatives took it and I can’t find it anywhere!! Your post is no longer accessible. Could you please email me the recipe again? pjpankey97@yahoo.com. I would soooo appreciate it!! 🙂

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