Our dog Porter had been ailing for a time—a mix of allergies, bad legs and joints, a ruptured disc, and possible Cushing’s, among other things—and sometime in the wee hours of Friday morning last it all finally caught up with him and he passed away fairly peacefully.

I’m not delving into sentiment or stories, suffice to say it was an odd weekend and I wanted to mark the passing here. And no, there are no plans to get another dog.


One year and two weeks after we lost our first cat, we lost our second cat today. We had to have him put to sleep, the same as before; he was essentially end-stage advanced urinary tract disease. We’d spent the last two weeks doing everything we could for him.

This was our cat Lucifer. He was 13. We’d also raised him from a kitten. He was a big Maine coon, with six toes on each of his front paws; he looked like he was wearing mittens. He was also the sweetest cat you would ever meet.

Yes, it sucks. It’s like that, sometimes. But at 13, he lived a full, happy, loving life with no complaints; there’s not much more you can ask for.

Bad, bad day

I may not be posting much this weekend. Today we had to have our oldest cat, Bob, put to sleep. He had a cancerous intestinal tumor that was inoperable. He was also 12 years old, he lived a long good life; we’d raised him from a kitten so this is especially hard.

…it’s like losing a member of the family. He really was the best cat you could ask for. Thankfully I got to be there with him in the end, and bury him.

I’m not functioning all that well right now, good thing it’s a long weekend.

Almost seemed like a long weekend

Seemed long because we had so much going on. Friday night my wife and I stayed at the Pine Ridge Inn here in town for an early anniversary trip (my mother stayed with the kids). While having dinner at Cork Friday night, I happened to see an old friend walk by the window, and this was about as unlikely an encounter as it gets: this is someone I knew and worked with in Spokane, back in the mid-90s, whom I haven’t seen in nearly five years, and currently lives near Seattle. So when I first saw him (and his wife and son) walk by the window of a restaurant in downtown Bend, at first I thought I’d had too much wine.

Turns out they came down for the weekend, pretty much spur-of-the-moment, and hadn’t had a chance to call us yet.

Saturday we checked out the Saturday Market (pretty small around here), then hit the Bite of Bend. We hooked up with our friends again there, and made plans to have Father’s Day dinner at our place with my family. Of course, we had to go shopping to get everything we needed, so we picked up the kids, hit Costco and Safeway, and had a quick dinner at Subway.

As to the Bite of Bend, I’ll write up a mini-review after this.

Sunday, Father’s Day. Nice, leisurely day, except for all the house cleaning in preparation for having everyone over. Everyone had a good time, even when the massive storm hit (we were barbecuing, wouldn’t you know). Rain, hail and thunder—it hailed so much that there were still drifts in the backyard hours later. And actually the rain pretty much stopped by the time I was out cooking on the grill, so it was no big deal.

So yeah, it definitely felt like we had a long weekend. After leaving work on Friday, I didn’t get on the computer at all (except to shut it down) the entire weekend, til work on Monday… that was kind of nice. Kind of a mini-vacation from it all.

But, back to it.


June already? Geez, where’d the time go? It’s not like May wasn’t a full month… some highlights:

  • Put together a monster swingset
  • Dental cleaning… with novocaine. I had two back teeth that needed periodontal work and scaling. Nasty stuff. My mouth was sore for days afterward.
  • The end of the TV season (I have another post on this sometime)
  • Beautiful, 80-plus degree weather… dampened (no pun intended) by massive flash flood inducing thunderstorms
  • We were more socially active than normal… we went to at least three barbecues, which is a lot for us

Hmm, that’s all I can think of right now. June promises to be a busy month, too. There’s a potluck at work tomorrow, a neighborhood BBQ on Friday, a kids birthday party on Sunday, our anniversary, a friend’s college graduation, and more I’m sure.

Perhaps we should do a blogger get together this month?

Not much to speak of

Don’t have much to write about. Okay, that’s not totally true; I’ve got some things I want to write about, but they’ll run long and that’s not really what I feel like doing at nearly 11:30 at night. The topics? You’ll see why I’d run long:

  • Evolution
  • Ebooks
  • Reviews of some regular books I’m reading

So instead, tonight, I’ll stick with the mundane things that tend to bore the hell out of people…

We steam cleaned the carpet this last weekend. It’s amazing how much dirt and pet hair had accumulated in the ten months we’ve been living here. Amazing and gross. Makes me want to get rid of all the pets.

This next weekend we need to dethatch the lawn and try to restore parts of it. I hate lawn maintenance. Makes me want to get rid of all the grass.

The week before last, when I was sick, it turned out I had a bronchial sinus infection. I ended up getting antibiotics to get rid of it, which is something I almost never have to do.

I’ve been teaching my five year old to play checkers. She’s got a good grasp of the rules, though needs to learn strategy and how to see the big picture. I’m pretty impressed by how quickly she picked it up, though. I have a feeling the strategy part will come to her pretty fast and then I’ll be frustrated at how I get beat every time :)

Water vs. Pop

monkeyinabox: “Mind you, this was back in the days before bottled water was all the rage. Water came from the tap, unless you bought gourmet water, Perrier, or whatever rich people drank. Growing up in a place with good tap water, it makes that kind of stuff seems pretty stupid.”

Great bit on being a “soda pop junkie.” I remember back in the days when I worked graveyard shift in Spokane doing (essentially) data processing, I’d take a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew to work and often finish it before I left.

And yeah, I never really got the bottled water thing, either. Growing up, we had a well, so our water was pretty pure and uncut.

Well, except for this one time in the cistern… that’s a story that almost turned me off of water for good, but I think I’ll save it for another day.