I’m Batman

So on ReasonablyClever.com there is this Flash-based applet called the Mini-Mizer which allows people to build little custom Lego people out of all sorts of parts. Clearly, I’ve been playing with it.

The coolest part about it is some wickedly neat things like Star Wars and comic book superhero parts, and some utterly non-sequitous things like some of the items you can place in your Lego person’s hands: a large drumstick, a tennis racket, an electric guitar.

Needless to say, it’s been eating up my evening, so instead of various other things I had a mind to do, I’ve been sucked into a hilariously simple activity with endless permutations. Ah, viral marketing!

Everyone should visit Wil Wheaton Dot Net for bringing the Mini-Mizer to everyone’s attention.