Klamath Falls

In my previous post, a fellow named Kirk wrote in the comments:

Hi Jon my wife and I will be relocating to the Klamath Falls area soon from the Spokane,Wa area. I have become quite fond of talking with bloggers in the Spokane area and found that there is much information to be learned from them. Not knowing the area very well I was wondering what you could tell us about Klamath Falls and surrounding area.

Seemed like a good idea for an entry all its own, except for one thing… I don’t really know all that much about Klamath Falls! :)

Here’s what I do know: It’s a nice area, located in beautiful southern Oregon, though economically worse off than much of the rest of the state. The population is just over 19,000. It’s about 60 miles or so from Ashland (which is my favorite southern Oregon town) and about 20 miles from California. I know that, some time back, they were pushing to make the area a high-tech mecca, even coining the name “Silicon Basin” for this purpose—though I don’t know how it turned out. (Not entirely well, I’d guess.)

Since Kirk sounds like he’s looking for bloggers, I did a quick search online for some in K Falls. Not many; ORblogs doesn’t have a page for them, and a Google search turned up nothing. Then I figured I’d browse Blogger’s regional blogs, with some luck: Klamath Falls Bloggers, 30 of them. I can’t speak to how current they are, though. What’s up with that? Where are the Klamath bloggers?

Anyway, Kirk, welcome to Oregon!