I had what?

My friend Justin just turned 30 a little over a week ago, and for his birthday I had all the video of our little public access show that we did together in Spokane transferred to DVD (almost three hours’ worth). Six episodes and a short movie (The Crusader), all at least 8 years old; the show ran in 1994 and ’95, I think, and all the filming was done then or from even earlier projects.

Watching it all again and looking back on that time sure brings back memories. Most embarrassingly (and I think I blocked this out), I was at the time in a long hair phase, but all my hair was not uniformly long (as it would later become); no, it was nice and short in front and fairly long in back.

That’s right.

Worst. Mullet. Ever.

I was like the poster boy for mullets. Bearing in mind, I’d never heard the term mullet back then, and was blissfully clueless. Now, though. Damn. And it’s all captured in DVD glory forever.

It didn’t last forever, though. I got it chopped to a uniform length and let it grow out again, and for a time had nice, straight, long hair almost down to my tailbone. That phase ended in 1998, though, the year I got married. Now, I keep my hair very short. Go figure.