Farking Irritating

Going through the chuggnutt.com logfiles for the 6th, I noticed that there were suddenly a bunch of hits to the Oobi image I’d posted here a while back from TotalFark. Basically, someone’s linked directly to the image on this server from a high-traffic site.

Now on the one hand, that’s kind of cool—but on the other hand, I’m a little irritated because TotalFark is a paid subscription site that I can’t access without registering first, which means I can’t just go and see what they’re doing with the Oobi image they’re pulling from me. Does that seem fair? Their site is saving money by sucking an image down over my bandwidth, and on top of that I’d have to pay them additional money to find out why.

And before someone points out to me that it’s only like 5 bucks to register and I’m therefore a cheap bastard, well, consider this: FARK‘s Terms of Service at the bottom of every page reads:

Text comments, audioedit submissions, and photoshopped images posted on Fark by registered users may not be reposted or broadcast without the express written permission or license from Fark.com and must attribute Fark.com as the source.

So if they won’t let people use their images without their permission, then why should I? It’s the principal of the thing.

Grumble… It might be time to brush up on some Apache rewrite rules…