Fixing Faucets

I tackled the plumbing project today, after all. Yeech.

It took awhile to loosen the bolts (and working in a cramped space under the bathroom sink didn’t help much), but when I finally got the faucet apart, I was able to determine pretty quickly that something in the central valve assembly was messed up. So, we ended up with a new faucet for the bathroom. Same brand (Moen), but with a slightly different look than the rest of the bathroom faucets.

Putting it all back together was relatively easy compared to getting the old faucet out. What a royal pain in the ass it was, though, overall. Not a process I’d look forward to repeating anytime soon.


So on the upstairs bathroom faucet today the cold water suddenly won’t shut completely off; I have no real idea why, other than the faucet valve isn’t closing all the way, or perhaps something’s jammed in there? At any rate, I turned off the cold water under the sink and have been pondering taking the faucet apart or if we should instead just call a plumber.