Tribute to Gharlane

A post on Wil Wheaton’s Soapbox made me think of this.

If you had ever spent any amount of time on Usenet prior to 2001, especially in the geek-populous (hey, I’m a geek, so I can say that) groups relating to science fiction, then you’ve probably read posts from Gharlane of Eddore. As a Usenet poster, he was probably the smartest, most prolific, and most opinionated person I’ve ever come across on Usenet, before and since. Reading his posts were always worth the time, and it’s fair to say that in many ways, Gharlane was Usenet culture.

Sadly, he died in June of 2001.

I’ll just quote from the post on Wil’s site:

*sigh* I miss Gharlane…